INVERSE-yield Farming (XVMC)

Why Mac&Cheese(XVMC)?
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Rewards are scheduled to start 1st of December


XVMC Time Deposit Options

1 Month Deposit

relative Multiplier

3 Month Deposit

relative Multiplier

6 Month Deposit

relative Multiplier

1 Year Deposit

relative Multiplier

3 Year Deposit

relative Multiplier

5 Year Deposit

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General Question

The rewards come partially from inflation that is programmatically built into the system and partially from prematurely ended stakes. There is a common misconception that Bitcoin is deflationary. It's not. It went from 0 coins and is on it's way to the final supply of 21M coins. XVMC currently does not have a maximum cap on it's supply. In the markets, the most important thing is to remain flexible. However it is possible that XVMC could become deflationary if the burnt tokens exceeded printed rewards. The governance and inflation of the system is in the hands of the users.
YES. There are significant risks involved. Without risk, there is no reward. You should only allocate an amount you are willing to lose in it's entirety. If you allocate an amount too big, your subconscious will take control over you, you will get emotional and you could end up making poor and irrational decisions. If you allocate an amount that you are comfortable losing, you will be acting from a place of strength and rational thought.
If Mac&Cheese - XVMC becomes successful, it will go from being worth very little to billions of $dollars in valuation. And in order to do so, there will be big price fluctuations - both to the upside and downside. This is what makes XVMC highly risky - it's potentially big price swings. It is always recommended to get in when the price dips, but at the same time it's impossible to time the market.
Yes, you can always change your stake to another pool, BUT you can only hop into a pool with longer lock-up duration. Your whole stake with earnings, as well as your time served will all be transferred to another pool without any penalty. For example, you can "hop" from a 1 year Deposit into a 5 Year Deposit, but you can not go from longer period(5 years) back to shorter period(any other pool in this case). Once you are in, you are in. The same rules apply to everybody. We are in it together : - )
As you deposit your tokens, you make an agreement with the protocol. You can withdraw at any given time, but if you break the promise and withdraw prior to your stake expiration - you could be hit with a nasty penalty of up to 82% of your entire stake. Plan in advance and stick to the plan. The protocol will hold you accountable. If you break the promise, you will pay the price.
XVMC is designed to benefit the long term stakers. If you are locked in and staking, the system is working in your favor. Anybody trying to time the market, guessing the tops and bottoms, trying to trade and predict... They are likely to get burned and lose their time, money and nerves. Trends are scientifically proven to exist. Most scarce assets tend to appreciate in value over time as governments continue to print the money out of the thin air. Mac&Cheese is designed to outperform. Cryptocurrencies are the highest appreciating assets in the history of man-kind. The most sought-after qualities are the decentralization and scarcity, both of which XVMC posseses. It is also capturing the market share of the biggest money-market in the world(Time Deposits), has an in-built oracle solution and innovative consensus model. Everything that has ever performed well and has been proven to work, is included in the XVMC protocol. Whatever is not, could be added in the future by anybody. Scarcity, decentralization, oracles, governance, volatility-inducing events, innovative inflation model,.... . It truly is the culmination of 10 years of cryptocurrency innovation and market psychology.
XVMC uses the most time-tested contracts that already secure billions of dollars of value and have received countless security audits. The backbone of the system is the pancakeswap's masterchef contract with minor modifications. For time deposits, pancakeswap's autocompounding pools have been modified to accustom our needs and reach the desired effect. The contracts are likely to be fully secure, but a certain level of risk always exist. The governance system and inflation model is custom built, with most of the features blocked until November, allowing for peer-review and audit of the project.