XVMC Staking

Time Deposit(CD) Options

1 Month Deposit

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3 Month Deposit

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6 Month Deposit

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1 Year Deposit

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3 Year Deposit

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5 Year Deposit

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General Questions

The original premise of Bitcoin was to replace the FIAT system. It has failed as a peer to peer cash, but it has managed to establish itself as digital gold.

XVMC protocol works as a dynamic decentralized Time Deposit. Time deposits or CDs are the biggest market in the world, worth more than store of value(Bitcoin, Silver, Gold,...) and all payment methods(PayPal, Visa, Mastercard,...) combined.

The goal is creating a superior asset that appreciates in price. Cryptocurrencies are the fastest growing assets in the history, combined with the potential to capture a share of the biggest market in the world(CD), creating a perfect recipe for explosive growth and adoption.
XVMC effectively forms a time deposit DAO where users govern the entire ecosystem in a decentralized manner.

The only thing that determines the price of any asset are it's buyers and sellers. The supply is effectively being removed from the market, as users lock up their tokens to earn yield, creating scarcity on the market. And scarce assets tend to appreciate in value.

XVMC posseses all of the fundamental qualities that make cryptocurrencies so valuable and sought-after: it's decentralized and self-governed, can be used as peer to peer cash, offers trustless interest(yield), utilizes oracles, designed to create scarcity, works as a currency and collectively creates a DAO.

On top of that it aims to penetrate the biggest market in the world(time deposits) and is superior as a speculative asset. It removes sellers from the market and has a low baseline inflation with occasional high-interest yields that create interest and generate volatility(similar to Bitcoin halvening).

In order to reach the highest possible growth potential, it's made to appeal to the widest audience possible. Latest hype in the form of NFTs, Metaverse and Meme tokens are included in the XVMC ecosystem, offering an attractive all-inclusive cryptocurrency package to all potential buyers.
YES. There are significant risks involved. Without risk, there is no reward. The interests are paid in XVMC and there is no promise of future value for the XVMC token. It's value is determined by buyers and sellers on the market.
If Mac&Cheese - XVMC were to succeed, it would go from being worth very little to potentially hundreds of $millions or even billions of $dollars in marketcap valuation. And in order to do so, big price swings are neccessary - both to the upside and downside. This is one of the big risks - it's potentially big price swings. It is usually advantageous to get in when the price dips, but at the same time it's impossible to time the market or predict the future value.
Yes, you can always change your stake to another pool, BUT you can only hop into a pool with longer lock-up duration. Your whole stake with earnings, as well as your time served will all be transferred to another pool without any penalty. For example, you can "hop" from a 1 year Deposit into a 5 Year Deposit, but you can not go from longer period(5 years) back to shorter period(any other pool in this case).
The rewards come partially from inflation that is programmatically built into the system and partially from prematurely ended stakes. There is a common misconception that Bitcoin is deflationary. It's not - Bitcoin went from 0 coins and is on it's way to the final supply of 21M coins. Bitcoin inflates to reward miners who pollute the environment and sell the tokens to cover the cost of electricity, meanwhile XVMC inflates to reward long term holders and participants in the ecosystem.
As you deposit your tokens, you make an agreement with the protocol. You can withdraw at any given time, but if you break the promise and withdraw prior to your stake expiration - you could be hit with a nasty penalty of up to 82% of your entire stake. Plan in advance and stick to the plan. The protocol will hold you accountable. If you break the promise, you will pay the price.
Highy APY% Yields, a dynamic decentralized time deposit, self-governed, works as a DAO, offers trustless interests, utilizes oracles, is made to appeal to widest audience possible thru NFTs, Metaverse and Meme Tokens included into the ecosystem... The extensive list of features can be viewed here.